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Learn New Skills to Go Ahead for Your Career

We can support student forum 24/7 for national and international students.

Our team has their individual origins from diverse regions, environments, and backgrounds, but a common goal has united us to form Grad2Live. Our goal is to provide a industry leading platform for education, which caters to every educator who wants to teach and every person who wants to learn.

Our platform is dedicated towards the betterment of two of the most important members of society, the educators, and the learners. We have also seen that these roles are reversed quite often for each person depending on the topic in question and the individual’s current standing.

For the Educators, we endeavour to convert them to “EDUPRENEURS”, who can teach as per their own convenience, and receive fair compensation for their efforts. Grad2Live has been created keeping these edupreneurs in mind and built specifically to meet all their expectations from an education platform. We believe that educators are the pillars of modern civilization and hence deserve a chance at the most rewarding lifestyle.

For the Learners, our philosophy stems from the fact that learning is a lifelong process, and hence is a basic necessity. We believe that the right balance between a fulfilling career and a healthy lifestyle can be achieved through the right life lessons. Hence, the Grad2Live platform has been created to cater to any and every category of learning with diverse topics from academics to professional courses and from competitive exams to personal development modules. We have also created ways for you to suggest courses which complete our spectrum of available courses.

We aim to be the go-to platform for edupreneurs and students, for the most efficient mode of knowledge sharing and mentorship. Every person in the world can teach something, and every person in the world wants to learn something. We are providing the platform for everyone to share their knowledge. So go ahead! Learn what you want to learn! Teach what you can!


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Learn New Skills to Go Ahead for Your Career

We can support student forum 24/7 for national and international students.

We come from families, societies, and nations where education is one of the most important needs in our lives, if not the most important. And this need brings us in touch with some of the most important people in our lives, our teachers! Teachers and educators, from various walks in our lives, are the original Mentors,
and have a deep impact in our lives. 

They have always been a major hand in our success, whether you talk about the kindergarten teachers that we don’t tend to remember, or the school teachers who helped us with so many projects, or the
supplemental tuition teachers who helped us in crunch preparation times, or our favourite physical education teachers who had improved our games, or the wise professors who guided us during our fond
college years!

We would also remember our teachers as the humble do-gooders of society, but never as affluent or professionally satisfied individuals. They usually take home the lowest incomes and work the longest hours
across industries, even with the kind of influence they command. A substantial proportion of the teachers across the globe are finding it hard to even make ends meet. This fact brought out the question
from each one of us at Grad2Live: “Don’t our teachers, who can be attributed to most of our successes, deserve much better?"

Our team fondly remembers our strong bonds with our teachers, and several of us have profound stories where we have taught and mentored young minds based on our experience. The combined hundreds of hours of first-hand experience in teaching and mentoring has strengthened our
resolve to improve the medium for dissemination of knowledge and mentorship and hence, allowing our teachers and educators more fulfilled, affluent lives!

This path led us to the Grad2Live platform, where teachers and educators themselves decide the schedule and worth of their courses. It is our effort to ensure that our “Edupreneurs” make the best use of the platform and receive the fairest compensation possible.

We endeavour to make sure that our Edupreneurs live well balanced lives and believe that happier educators would definitely teach better! Therefore, welcome Sir and welcome Ma’am, this has been designed for you, and the Grad2Live team will strive to make your life better!

better with Grad2Live!


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We can support student forum 24/7 for national and international students.

We can support student forum 24/7 for national and international students.

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